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MethylHex (60 Capsules)


MethylHex (60 Capsules)

$79.99 $59.99

60ct Bottle

  •  Helps Promote Weight Loss +
  •  Focus +, Energy +, Clarity +
  •  With DMAE and Pyruvate

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  • Description

    Product Description

    Q: What should I expect after I take my MethylHex 4,2?

    A: Users have reported an elevated sense of well-being, improved mood, increased CLEAN energy, suppressed appetite and heightened focus. It’s not just another high-caffeine diet pill that makes you feel jittery. Take MethylHex 4,2 when you wake up, before your workout, before a test or anytime you need an extended pick-me-up. It is designed as a weight loss pill but can be taken by anyone looking to elevate their performance!

    Q: Why did SEI introduce this product when there are so many other fat burners like it on the market?

    A: That’s just it … there isn’t anything like MethylHex 4,2 on the market! Other companies use trace amounts of ingredients just to have them on the label and then overload the product with caffeine so the user “feels” something. You ACTUALLY FEEL the ingredients in MethylHex 4,2 working! It’s not just the caffeine buzz we are all used to (that goes away in a couple hours), it’s energy you feel ALL DAY LONG! Other pills can make you grumpy or irritable or even disrupt your thinking process, while MethylHex 4,2 does the exact opposite. Also, with other products, you have to take anywhere from three to nine pills a day, but with SEI’s MethylHex 4,2 you only need one pill per day! Even though it’s technically a weight loss support pill, that doesn’t mean those who are satisfied with their weight can’t use it. It works the first time, every time and for every type of customer!

    Q: Are there any products that work well with the MethylHex 4,2?

    A: MethylHex 4,2 can be combined with a number of other products. To avoid any complications, we do not recommend stacking it with another thermogenic or high levels of caffeine. All SEI products are designed to be stacked together to accelerate your progress and help you reach your goals. For the ultimate “Feel Good, Look Good” stack, combine the MethylHex 4,2 with the SEI Lean Team to maximize weight loss, sleep quality, clean energy and glowing skin. Add a quality multivitamin and a lean protein shake and experience the most comprehensive supplement program on the market. Keep an eye out for new products from SEI to complement MethylHex 4,2!


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